The Principal and members of Hostel Committee inspect the Hostel from time to time.


1. Students residing within 20km. Radius of bhiwani will not be given Admission in the Hostel

2. None of the students is entitled to avail the Hostel facility. Old students will get admission on the basis of their previous behaviour and conduct by the Hostel Committee. They have to deposit their Application Form in the hostel by 13th July.

3. It is compulsory to attach the photographs of relatives (males, females) with the Application Form who wish to meet the student in the Hostel. None of the photographs is allowed thereafter.

4. The students who are married or engaged are not allowed in the hostel. Parents have to submit and Affidavit for the student in this regard.

5. A student has to immediately leave the Hostel in case of her marriage in the midst of the session. It will be the duty of the parents and the students to inform about her engagement.

6. Rooms will be provided in the Hostel on merit basis.

7. The Principal and Hostel Committee will decide about the rooms in the beginning of session.

A Student has to open an account in State Bank of Patiala at the time of Admission in the Hostel.


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