The College boasts of a well maintained computerized Library that caters to the need of the students and the staff. The library has been completely modernized through computerization and is fully air-conditioned.

There are around 38,397 books on different subjects in the library. There is a facility of bar-coding for the books. Internet facility is available in the Library. All the front desk operations are done by the computer. Literacy Programme is organized for the proficiency of Library usage of the students. An orientation course is organised giving the students information regarding the Library in the beginning of the Session. Poor and meritorious students are provided books by the College through Book-Bank.

 The students are required to abide by the following Rules of the Library:

1. Each student getting admission in the college shall be a member of the Library.

2. Each student has to fill the Library-cum-Identity Card / Smart Card Form attached with the Prospectus. All the columns given in this form should be filled with the students in their own handwriting carefully. If any student fills the information incorrectly in this form, she herself will be responsible for that. Smart Card is to be kept safely by the student. This Card will be valid for the period, students enrolled in the College. A new Smart Card will be given after depositing Rs. 100/- in case of losing the previous Smart Card. It is compulsory for the students to bring the Smart Card before getting the books issued. No other student can use this card.

3. The students are given the Library-cum-Identity Card / Smart Card in the beginning of the new session. In order to obtain this Card, the students have to sign the Membership Register and Borrower's Card. Students must get the Library-cum-Identity Card by the due date. If they do not obtain the same then they must pay a fine of Rs. 5/- daily as punishment. Language of the signature on the form for receiving Library Security should be the same as on the Membership Register for getting the Library-cum-Identity Card / Smart Card otherwise the Principal will not attest her signature.

 4. A student getting late admission must get her Library-cum-Identity Card within a week. Fort this she has to present the receipt and Library-cum-Identity Card Form to the Librarian. If the student fails to get her Library-cum-Identity Card within one week then she shall have to pay a fine of Rs. 5/- per day thereafter.

5. If the student leaves the College in the middle of the session due to some reason, she has to get Library-cum-Identity Card / Smart Card cancelled from the Librarian so that it could not be misused before getting the College Leave Certificate.

6. A student shall not get more than two books at a time.

 7. On entering the Library, the student must deposit her personal belongings at the counter and get a token from the Attendant. The belongings can be taken back by showing the token. A student is not allowed to take the token outside from the Library. The token is to be kept carefully so that no other student could misuse it.

 8. The student is required to sign the Visitor's Register while entering the Library. Only after that, she will be allowed to enter the Library. Students must maintain discipline while signing the Visitor's Register, receiving and returning the books.

 9. The student is required to fill the Issue Slip for getting the book issued. A student will be given only one book at a time. The slip is to be put in the issue-slip box after filling and the book will be cancelled. In case the student fails to get the book issued within three days. It is compulsory for the students to show the Library-cum-Identity Card / Smart Card and the book to the Attendant while leaving the Library.

10. The student shall get the book only for seven days. She must return the book by the due date. The books that are more in demand shall be issued for two days only. The Librarian can re-call any book any time if required. A fine of Rs. 5/- per day per book will be charged from the student if the book is not returned by the due date. If the due date is a holiday, the book can be returned on the next working day, without paying any fine.  

11. If a book is lost or damaged by the student then she will have to either pay for the book or deposit a new book.

12. Reference Books / Expensive Books / Reserved Books and the books in demand shall not be issued to the students. The students can read such books in the Library only after producing their Library-cum-Identity Card / Smart Card. A student can read only one book at a time.

 13. The student must maintain complete silence in the Library. If a student breaks silence, the Librarian may ask her to get out of the Library.

14. Student must get a Clearance Chit from the Librarian at the time of leaving the College or getting the University Roll Number. The student must produce her Library-cum-Identity Card /Smart Card at that time.

 15. Newspaper and magazines shall not be issued to the students. They can read them in the Library. Magazines are to be restored on the magazine rack and the newspapers on the Newspaper Display Table thereafter. Notices related to Library are displayed on the Notice Board of the Library from time to time.

16. The meritorious students getting position in the University Merit List are given the books for the whole session.

17. Every student has to keep her Identity Card with her in Sports Ground, Library, Laboratory and at the time of refund of security, scholarship and availing other facilities.

Rules for providing Books through Book Bank

1. The monthly income of the parents should not exceed Rs. 2,500/-

2. The student must have obtained not less than 50% marks in his previous examination.

3. Completed application forms must be returned to the Librarian by the due date. Students have to appear for interview in the Library on the allotted date otherwise their application will be rejected.

 4. The student will have to deposit 10% of the cost of books in the book bank which will not be returned to the student in any case.

 5. The student will get only a single book from one author for one subject.

 6. The students are expected to be clear about the author and edition of the book they want. Once the book is issued, it will not be changed.

 7. The students who want books for the examination one month before the University exam have to deposit the full price of that book ten per cent of which will be deducted. The student will not get more than two books. It will be jurisdiction of the Principal to change any rule.

 8. There is a provision providing books to the poor and meritorious students from the College through Book Bank.

College Magazine

To develop students' intellectual and literary skills, College Magazine 'Anupama' has been published through which the students can express their original ideas. It is a great source of exchanging and originating these ideas. It consists of poems, stories and impressing writings in all the three languages viz. Hindi, English and Sanskrit. The student getting highest marks in the subject is chosen as the 'Student Editor' of the concerned subject.

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